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The smartest way to make global payments

Best FX Rates, User-Friendly Platform, Highly Personalized Service.
Our Story

The AIMFX founders have over a quarter century experience in FX, global payments, investment management, and international banking. Our clients include small and medium size companies, as well as large multi-national corporations.

Our Vision

Transparency, highly personalized level of service, and dedication to the success of our clients. These are the core values that drive us and the reasons why we decided to challenge the industry status-quo with the creation of our company.


Award-winning fintech platform, part of the Cross-Border 100, processing over $25 billion annually. Regulated in 4 territories (USA, UK, EU, and Canada). Backed by financial strength and major VC firms, including Google Ventures, Sapphire, and Rakuten.

Who are we

How it works


It’s easy. Sign up today and start saving with 50% lower exchange rate spread compared with your current banking partners. Send payments to over 200 countries around the globe, hedge your FX exposure, and enjoy complete transparency of costs and control of your entire payments process.


Making payments with our award-winning platform is a breeze. Get your payments delivered quickly and reliably. Waive "goodbye" to clunky legacy payment systems and say "hello" to the best new international payments technology backed by our team of FX experts dedicated to helping your business compete and succeed globally.

How it works
All Things Forex

"This company is changing the FX game"

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Request demo

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Tel: 1-800-GOAIMFX

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